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The Marketing to Moms Coalition just released their Moms Annual Media Survey 2008.  The group surveyed 1,033 Moms all with children under 18 living at home via an online questionnaire.  Moms currently spend an estimated $2.1 trillion dollars in the U.S. marketplace.  Needless to say, knowing how to reach this key demographic can give your bottom line a tremendous boost.  Below, I’d like to highlight some of the statistics I found interesting in the survey results.

Daily Media Habits of Moms 25-44 years old:

  • Email                           87%
  • Television                    84%
  • Cell Phone/PDA         69%
  • Internet Websites        64%
  • Radio                          57%
  • Newspaper                 23%
  • Magazine                    10%
  • Internet Chat rooms     9%
  • Internet Blogs              8%

According to these results, a strategic and well-executed email campaign might just be the most effective way to reach the Mom demographic.   I’m a little surprised by the results for the internet media such as blogs and chat rooms.  The numbers are dramatically lower compared to email, yet Moms are obviously using their computers regularly.  Are they just checking their email and logging off?  I doubt it.  Or are they subscribing to their favorite blogs via email and just reading the daily blog post via email?  (That’s what I do!)

The TOP 5 Activities Moms are doing on the internet are as follows:

  1. Checking/Sending Email
  2. Paying Bills/Online Banking
  3. Reading News
  4. Checking Weather
  5. Researching Products

I couldn’t help but notice shopping was missing.  A little farther down on the list…

7. Shopping for my child (ren)
8. Shopping for myself

Gift giving via online shopping doesn’t show up until number 12 and was the last item ranked.  Does that mean Moms prefer to see gift items in person?  Or that with better “gift wrap” options Moms could be persuaded to buy more gifts online? 

Finally, the survey solicited responses regarding marketing impressions and their impact.  Of the Moms surveyed only 54% thought the ads designed to target them as “Moms” were effective.  Among the ads that were deemed effective, the Moms ranked the best way to relate to them.  The results are as follows:

  1.  Depict her having fun with her kids (87%)
  2. Show her multi-tasking (86)
  3. Make her laugh (86%)

It seems that the most effective way to advertise to Moms is to show her being Mom – go figure!  As a proud Mom of three little ones, I can agree.  Whenever I see ads of a Mom rolling on the ground with her kiddos squealing with glee, I can’t help but smile and be thankful that I too am a Mom.  That happy thought is now associated with the company that evoked that feeling/connection.  It’s just human nature – and it works!

I hope you find these statistics interesting and I’d love to hear your comments!  Also, if you want to read more of the results by The Marketing to Moms Coalition, please visit their website .

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