Putting Purpose into Your Business

Are you on a mission? You should be. We are.

Do you have a mission? You should. We do.

We’re lucky. We have the privilege to work all day with our fellow team members at StartupNation on a goal that’s really important and incredibly fulfilling: Each person here is supremely committed to "empowering people to start and grow their dream business."

That’s our mission in a nutshell. If you were to walk around our office, you’d see it taped above some people’s desks as a reminder of why they’re working so hard. You can find it blazed across the top of our web page. It’s in our literature. Basically, we integrate this into everything we do. It’s a guiding principle that drives each member of the team to do something that puts power into the hands of existing and "would-be" entrepreneurs.

A strong, unified mission seems to always be at the heart of the best companies. If you’re looking to create a mission (and inject a little more "purpose" into what you do), you can find many illuminating examples of companies that do a great job at this.

The quintessential example of a company on a mission? Patagonia. A friend recently gave me (RICH) a brand new, very cool jacket made by Patagonia and I was stopped in my tracks by the retail tag attached to it.

Patagonia’s mission and "Commitment" was blazed all over it. They described four guiding principles that are captured smartly and, like us, they repeat and reinforce this in other places–their website, for example.

If you know of companies that have an awesome mission, post it in the comments area below!

Let’s make a list of companies that rock!

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