Reuse what you have

Learn ways to resuse items.

In this step, we will look for ways to reuse items.  This may require changing your existing methods and replacing disposable items with reusable alternatives.

Ideas for reusing items:

  • Purchase reusable products, such as rechargeable batteries, washable towels
  • Save packing material you receive and reuse for shipping
  • Use white boards and e-mail to replace sticky notes
  • Print on both sides, write notes on scrap paper
  • Reuse binders and file folders
  • Use reusable shopping bags, provide reusable bags to your customers
  • Use resealable containers instead of plastic bags
  • Refill ink cartridges
  • Use washable towels, cloth napkins
  • If you can’t reuse an item, sell it or donate it so someone else gets use out of it

Do you have additional ideas? Care to share them with us? Add your comments and recommendations below so we can make this list as comprehensive as possible.

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