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Kevin Slovick is a founder of Fun Photo Guys, a certified Bay Area Green Business and is committed to providing environmentally-friendly and socially responsible products and services. Kevin is also an active member of the StartupNation community, under the nickname, FunPhotoGuys.
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Develop and implement a green checklist

In this step, we will review the development and implementation of a green checklist.  You should designate someone in your organization as a “Green Business Coordinator” and assign them the responsibility of performing a self-audit against your checklist annually.  Develop a customized checklist The checklist should be specific to your business.  Generic checklists can be...
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Review your processes

In this step, you will need to review each process and procedure in your business.  This includes the entire product lifecycle, including product selection, purchasing, use, disposal, and your impact on the environment.  To help stimulate your creative juices, we will ask you questions to help you come up with ideas to review your processes...
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Environmental education & networking

In this step, we will list ways you can use your business to promote positive environmental and social change.  Building synergy with employees, customers, and other businesses will be a key factor in your success. Going green is like a big wave.  To keep it moving, it is important for each of us to continue...
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Learn how going green can save money

In this step, we will review the long term costs associated with going green.  This will include the concept of “TCO” and how to justify greener purchases in your business. Myth: Going green will cost my business more money Many small businesses think in terms of short term cash flow.  The challenge comes in retraining...
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Green your business from the ground up

In this step, we will go beyond the Three R’s and learn how to apply what we’ve learned to the core business itself.  We will list things you can do to make your business greener from the ground up. Develop a green Mission, Vision and Values statement State what you believe, your company’s “green” behavior,...
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Learn what it means to be a green business

In this series, we will share a lot about starting and growing a green business. In this article, you'll learn what exactly it means to be a green business, some terminology, and how to become green. What is a “green business”? A "green business” can be defined as an organization that uses renewable resources (environmentally...
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Reduce consumption, waste and pollution

In this step, we will review processes and look for ways to reduce consumption of natural resources and ways to eliminate waste, including conserving energy, reducing water consumption, and reducing waste.  “Reduce” is probably the most important of the Three R’s to focus on initially. Use these 17 deas to reduce energy usage, water consumption...
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Reuse what you have

In this step, we will look for ways to reuse items.  This may require changing your existing methods and replacing disposable items with reusable alternatives. Ideas for reusing items: Purchase reusable products, such as rechargeable batteries, washable towels Save packing material you receive and reuse for shipping Use white boards and e-mail to replace sticky...
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Recycle everything you can

In this step, we will go through all processes methodically to see if everything that can be recycled is being recycled.  Recycling involves taking items that are at the end of their useful life and giving them to a recycler who can turn them into raw material to make something else.  Review all waste products...