Review your processes

In this step, you will need to review each process and procedure in your business

In this step, you will need to review each process and procedure in your business.  This includes the entire product lifecycle, including product selection, purchasing, use, disposal, and your impact on the environment.  To help stimulate your creative juices, we will ask you questions to help you come up with ideas to review your processes and procedures.


First off, do you review all the options when making purchases?  Remember that TCO is an important factor when making purchasing decisions.  Purchase Reusable or Recyclable items.  When replacing something, consider how you are reusing, recycling or disposing of the old item.

Product use and storage

Here are questions you should answer to ensure you’re as green as possible when it comes to product use and storage:

  • Are you using items completely or throwing them away before getting 100% of their useful life?
  • Are you using products and disposing of them in the safest manner?
  • Are you storing products so that they are safe from damage?
  • Are you storing all of your cleaning supplies and chemical products in a secure location?  Think of baby-proofing your home.  If you had a toddler, would you leave chemicals out where they could get into them or in an unlocked cabinet, such as under the sink?  In your business, you should keep cleaning supplies and hazardous chemicals secure in a locked cabinet or closet designated for chemical storage.

End of Life – reuse, recycle or dispose of items

As your business completes its use of items for their original purpose, there are always strategies you can use to ensure you make the greenest possible choices. Be sure you can answer the following questions:

  • Are you finding ways to reuse the products you already have?
  • How can you make sure you are recycling everything you can?
  • Have you contacted your local waste company to find out what they accept for recycling?
  • Are you disposing of any hazardous chemicals or waste?

Review your impact on the environment

With the right analysis and planning, you can minimize your impact on the environment. To ensure that you’re optimized in this area, answer these questions:

  • How are your product/service offerings impacting the environment?
  • Are you purchasing harmful/toxic items for use in your business?
  • How do your suppliers impact the environment when providing you with products and services?
  • Are you encouraging suppliers to be greener?

Review your processes and procedures annually

It’s important that you keep up with the current trends, products and services available to help your business stay as green as it can be.

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