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Taking Control of Your Schedule with a Home-Based Franchise

Tired of being on someone else’s schedule? Take back control of your life with a home-based franchise.

The days are getting longer and the sunshine beckons you outside. But you are on someone else’s schedule. What can you do? Are you ready to have more control over your time? Are you tired of Corporate America? Do you have the desire to be your own boss?

It could be the right time to consider a home-based franchise opportunity.   

Home-based franchises have all the advantages of owning your own business:

  • Scheduling flexibility
  • Income potential
  • Being your own boss
  • No commute to the office

Franchise businesses have the added benefit of having a proven system for the business model, including operations, training, procurement, distribution, marketing, sales, and more. There is also the ongoing support of the franchisor and the other franchisees.

There are many types of home-based franchises. Some are business-to-business selling services. Advertising, business brokering, business coaching, package shipping, and virtual assisting franchises offer a B2B clientele with a home-based lifestyle.

Other franchise models offer services to the general public like children’s recreation, cleaning & restoration services, lawn maintenance, and tutoring. For example, children’s art education franchises can be a good match for a parent with school-aged children. In these business models the franchisee often hires the art teachers rather than deliver the curriculum themselves.

Some home-based franchises have a mobile component. Mobile computer repair, dog grooming, dry cleaning, handyman and ink cartridge refill are just a few of the van-based businesses that service clients, but the operations can be run from a home office. Franchisees may run the routes themselves or hire others to drive the vans while they work to market and grow the business.

When researching a home-based franchise, be sure to answer these five questions:

  • What do you know? What skills do you possess?
  • What do you love? What would you do all day long without pay?
  • Is there a need for this service? Or a related product?
  • Can you beat the competition in your market?
  • What franchise brands are a match?
  • Will my family adjust to a home-based business?

For details about these questions and more, check out StartupNation’s Franchising Success Workbook.

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