Thank goodness for my wife!

I had a tough week! On top of the normal stuff – we had some inventory issues at our warehouse, we’re being forced to find a new manufacturer for one of our products, and my son was sick. When Spencer is home sick, my husband I become expert jugglers. We tag team who is going to be home with Spencer based on appointment, schedules, deadlines, etc. Fortunately, our little guy is on the mend and went to school today to perform a “Scarecrow Play” with all his kindergarten buddies. They were all just brilliant.

I don’t do very well when I am being pulled in many directions and when I am packing up my laptop every couple hours to move between office and home. It makes me feel unorganized and being organized is key to my productivity (and sanity).

For years, a things-to-do list was the force that guided my day. My latest mode of organization is Outlook’s Calendar and Task scheduling tool. It allows me to combine appointments and tasks to give me a better picture of the day or week. It also reminds me (repeatedly) about what’s coming up or what’s not completed. My sister, Joanie, calls Outlook’s scheduler her “wife”. On most days we joke about adding to-dos and appointments to our wife, but on weeks like the one I just had, where the darn thing is just nagging me about all the things that need get done, its name becomes the epitome of the stereotype! In keeping with the stereotype, I would not get through weeks like this without it. I just want to say everyone needs a good wife.

I need to go now, because it is Friday at 5 PM and my wife just reminded me it’s time for a glass of wine!

Have a great weekend.

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