The Art of Getting Buzz in Entrepreneur Magazine

For many small business owners getting a write-up in Entrepreneur magazine is the holy grail of media coverage.  A few lines in the magazine can make all those sleepless nights, hard work, and determination seem rewarded.  No trophies or plaques required.  So what does it take to secure this much coveted ink?

Aronado Placencia, host of the popular web show StartupLucky, sat down with Amy “Queen of the Twitch” Cosper, Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine and asked just that.  Amy was incredibly generous with her time and schooled us all in the art of getting buzz from Entrepreneur Magazine.  Make sure you have your pad and pencil ready, there’s lots to learn.

StartupLucky Entrepreneur Magazine Interview

Highlights from the StartupLucky exclusive interview:

How to Get Featured:

  • Amy loves “twitches”: short and sweet Twitter pitches that leave her begging for more
  • Email pitches need to be bulleted, 350 words or less, with a focus on storytelling
  • Feel free to bribe (cookies & wine preferred) but it doesn’t guarantee a feature

How to Reach Startup Success:

  • Your business plan/model needs to be explained in 3-4 sentences.  Elevator pitch longer than that? Try again.
  • Don’t be afraid to adapt to a changing market, customer base, or upgrades in technology…true entrepreneurs evaluate, adapt, and thrive
  • Don’t confuse Fearlessness with Recklessness, keep yourself in check

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