The Juggling Ball Effect: Niche Marketing Tips

We used a focused niche marketing strategy to introduce a new product to the US market, and made our More Balls Than Most juggling kit a huge success.

Did America need a new twist on juggling balls when we introduced a juggling kit to the U.S. market in 1992? Call us crazy, but we thought it did.

We established exclusive rights to import and distribute a brand new juggling kit named, “More Balls Than Most.” Within a year, it had become the best-selling Father’s Day gift at department stores across the country.  And it taught us a thing or two about the power of niche marketing.

From wild idea to wild success – find a niche

We put all of our efforts into pursuing a singular, niche market – overstressed executives.

Fun and levity can liven up the most intense, high-pressure business environment. The juggling balls were beach ball-colored and instantly brightened up an office, even just plunked on a desk or credenza. More Balls Than Most came in a handsome leatherette case with an instructional pamphlet filled with irreverent philosophy, humor, and instructions.

The juggling kit made a huge splash at retail outlets. And what was a huge part of the appeal?  Juggling requires complete focus and immersion, which generated real stress-relieving benefits.

Niche marketing can get you there

Find an underserved market

Bigger companies simply can’t serve the needs of a small subset of customers as effectively as a small, nimble startup.  Tap into those underserved markets and cater to their specific needs.                                                         

Go narrow before going broad

Small business owner have to focus – you don’t have the resources to go after every opportunity. Build up a head of steam through a targeted niche marketing strategy, and then expand out. Our focus on customers looking for a fun and thoughtful gift for the business executive in their life enabled us to laser focus our branding and public relations energy on a well-defined group of consumers.

Price it differently

We priced the More Balls Than Most at $29.95 MSRP. At three to four times the usual price for juggling kits, we stood out from the crowd and appealed directly to our target high-end shopper.

Package it uniquely

The case and quality of the juggling balls were a huge departure from comparable kits. We turned the juggling kit into a classy (and sassy) gift to give, rather than just a hobby item. This applied to the branding and messaging as well. All marketing and product materials exuded quality and fun.

Our Bottom Line

We took quite a few lessons away from the More Balls Than Most experience, but one of the key factors behind our success was the focus and niche marketing we used to introduce this product to a new market.

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