What does innovation mean to you?

This idea gives “green business” a whole new meaning…

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags will deter the most glib of lunchroom swappers. Slip your sandwich into one of the green-splotched decoys before placing it in the office refrigerator and even the most brazen thief will think twice before running off with your “mildewed” PB&J. ($10 for two packs of 25 sandwich bags)



This product was interesting to me for two reasons:
– only in America
– it’s a new take on an old idea

Once you get over the “wish-I’d-thought-of-that-because-the-inventor-is -probably-sipping-cocktails-in-Bali” feeling…what is your take on an old concept?

How are you adding value to your business or community in a unique way?

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