Christine Haskell

Christine is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft with several years experience in the .com industry.

She recently started social venture labs, an idea incubator for those leading small mission-driven businesses or organizations looking to create relationships, share ideas and get feedback on common business practices. She is new to StartupNation, and looking to profile mission driven companies and discusses related themes.

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This idea gives “green business” a whole new meaning…

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags will deter the most glib of lunchroom swappers. Slip your sandwich into one of the green-splotched decoys before placing it in the office refrigerator and even the most brazen thief will think twice before running off with your “mildewed” PB&J. ($10 for two packs of 25 sandwich bags)



This product was interesting to me for two reasons:
– only in America
– it’s a new take on an old idea

Once you get over the “wish-I’d-thought-of-that-because-the-inventor-is -probably-sipping-cocktails-in-Bali” feeling…what is your take on an old concept?

How are you adding value to your business or community in a unique way?

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