Kevin Harmon

Kevin Harmon is the CEO of Red Shorts Media LLC, which owns movie and music trade-in/buyback websites. He is the former CEO of Inflatable Madness, LLC, one of the largest DVD and CD resellers on eBay and Amazon.

Kevin has appeared on Startup Nation Radio multiple times, has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, has been a featured speaker at eBay Live, and has appeared on Fox Business Channel.

Hi gang,

How do you get your product noticed in our current sea of product noise? Obviously, the way to be noticed is to wrap yourself inside a giant egg and be carried somewhere by the entire cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, right?

Yep, you’ll be noticed for sure.  Lady Gaga was certainly noticed when she pulled that stunt at last Sunday’s Grammy Awards.  Did you then watch her performance during the show?  Pretty underwhelming, don’t you think?

So, in other words, the Marketing was noticeable, but the Product disappointed.

What’s more important?

Let me ask you another question.  What would happen if you spent all of your energy making the best product possible? What if your sole focus became making a product that was so good it became its’ own category?

Make the best Product – everything else will become elementary.

Ever heard of Esperanza Spalding?  Me either.  On Sunday, she beat the marketing juggernauts that are Justin Bieber, Drake, and Florence + The Machine to win Best New Artist.  Justin Bieber alone has millions of Twitter followers, a hit CD, a hit movie, TV appearances, tons of radio play, and an army of pre-pubescent diehard fans. He was a lock for that award, right? Whoops.

Make the best Product – the rest will follow.

Ever heard of Arcade Fire? Some have – most haven’t. Yet again, they beat out music monsters Eminem, Lady Antebellum, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry for Album of The Year.  How could a small Canadian relatively unknown band possibly think they could beat these gigantic forces of nature?

Make the best Product – commerce will find YOU.

Kevin Harmon

I live tweeted the ENTIRE Grammys. Who wants to hire me to live tweet YOUR event?

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