Who don’t you partner with when starting a business?

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Family? Best friend since 4th grade? A co-worker that you never went to lunch with?

It sure seems like big fun to start a business with someone you love to hang around with. After all, being an entrepreneur means a lot of hard work & a lot of time spent together building & growing the business.

But sometimes the best partner is someone that has a totally different skill set, and even personality, than you do so that you can complement each other & be strong where the other is weak. (maybe that former co-worker?)

There are many aspects to consider when entering into a business partnering relationship with someone and while it’s tempting to emulate what you see in another successful partnership, you are a different person with unique-nesses that are sometimes indescribable. So be careful not to do the apples & oranges comparison.

This conversation was launched today in the StartupNation community. I weighed in a bit and maybe you have some insight or experience to share as well.

Now, what was the name of that red-haired kid down the block who had the lemonade stand? We never really got along, but maybe I can Google him & ….

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