You need to be the best in the world at … something

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I was in a Starbucks the other day for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up and I was amazed at how the caffeine-ologists were able to create drink after drink without looking at anything in writing. One “associate” would listen to the drink order, call it out to the next guy & at the other end of this mini-assembly line out would come the drinks. Starbucks employees need super extremely-short-term-memory & then need to forget it all as they receive more input to make the next drink. If you can’t do this, you can’t be a star in that environment.

I’ll let you in on a little StartupNation team meeting insight …

Rich Sloan has challenged all of us on the StartupNation team to identify the one thing at which we can the best in the world, and then figure out a way to do that thing in our daily activity.

I’m passing along that challenge to you. I’m even limiting the definition to 5 words or less. Pare it down & be focused & succinct.

I’ll start. Here’s mine:

Building a Vibrant Online Community.

I believe I can be the best in the world at this and I endeavor every day to reach that goal. I prioritize my day with activities that allow me to pursue that goal. If an activity doesn’t support that goal, it needs to be replaced.

We all – each of us – have unique & special gifts that, if fostered and focused upon, could make us the best in the world.

Here is a StartupNation community forum topic where people are sharing their 5 word "I can be the best in the world at this" statement.

What’s yours?

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