Build A Support Team To Grow Your Boomer Business

In their corporate positions, many Boomer managers are particularly adept at working in teams and with support staff.

 The same leveraging of talent is critical to growing your new business.

 Many new Boomer entrepreneurs are what I call “owner-operators” where they are the “chief cook and bottle washer” for their businesses. The variety of demands on their time as the new CEO can be a bit mind-boggling at times.

 The key to growing your company when you are the sole manager is to wisely use a team of outside advisors and service providers.

 Your team should be anchored around relationships with an accountant and small business attorney, accented with the assistance of an insurance agent.

 These specialists not only provide focused advice when needed, but they can also serve as an informal board of directors for your business.

 To increase your productivity and ensure good time management, fill out your support team with a group of key service providers including: a graphic designer; a website specialist; a computer repair guru; and possibly a QuickBooks-savvy bookkeeper


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