Holiday Gifts – Any Neat Ideas?

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When it comes to celebrating the Holiday Season and the close of another year, I like to recognize all of the people who have made the year a good one. I’m always searching for unique and creative ways to reach out to these folks. I thought it would be interesting for us to share Holiday gift ideas and appreciation programs that go beyond cards and fruit baskets.

I’d really like too hear your thoughts – I’ll start with a few of my own ideas:

Give Back: Celebrate the season of giving by selecting a not-for-profit charity, and make a donation in your client/partner names. You can send out an e-card with links to the charitable organization so the recipients can learn about the cause.

Offer a Deal: To many accounts, especially small businesses, an offer to save money is terrific gift. Create a special offer to your existing accounts that says “thanks for your business” They’ll be appreciative of the extra savings and it will jump start your new year too!

Support Local Business: Sending a gift from a local food company, farm, artist, or musician is terrific reflection of your business. Include a note that offers insight about the local business or your area.

A Good Read: Is there a book that has inspired you in your business success? Why not share it with your colleagues and include a note about what is means to you?

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