I Need A Vacation From My Vacation!

Hi gang,

So how many of you said to yourself when you read that title, “He’s got kids”.

Lol – you’ve got kids too, eh?

For those of you without children,  read that title again when you do – you’ll get it.

I just spent a wonderful 6 days in Wisconsin at a log cabin at a campground where my in-laws also have a permanent spot.  We all had a blast – lots of swimming,  golf cart rides (that’s how you get around a campground if you’re cool), 4th of July fireworks,  hot dogs and cheeseburgers on the open fire pits, a boat ride – it was great.  About 3 days in I forgot what I did for a living.

Here’s my main thought:  what the hell has happened to our airlines in the past year?  You know what’s not fun?  Getting 3 children under the age of 7 on a plane.   For those without children, here’s how it works:

Get the children up at 5 am – drive to airport – park in long term parking and get you, your 18 bags, a stroller, a binkey, and 3 children (and wife) onto a shuttle bus – get to terminal – get your 18 bags, a stroller, a binkey, and 3 children (and wife) out of the bus and into the 1/4 mile long line (approximate) to check in – drop off 15 bags at bag security – get in second 1/2 mile long line (exact) for security check – get all kids, wife, and self to take off their shoes, belts, laptops, wallets, watches, ipods, jewelery, backpacks, snacks, and binkey – walk through security – put back on all shoes, belts, laptops, wallets, watches, ipods, jewelery, backpacks, snacks, and binkey – get to gate – wait 45 minutes – get on overbooked plane with 0 empty seats – sit on runway for 30 minutes waiting to take off – get served no food at all, no pretzles, no peanuts, nuttin, for 2 hours – struggle with a 17 month old who decides it’s time to do an ancient Aztec screaming and dancing ritual on your lap for an hour straight – grin sheepishly at everyone around you and offer to buy them drinks while your 2 older children kick the back of their seats -land and sit on that runway for another 35 minutes (I am not making any of this up, people) because your arrival gate still has a plane sitting there and nobody at the airport is smart enough to tell the plane “take a left and park at THIS gate” – get off plane – walk to baggage – pick up 15 bags – carry all of that to tram – take tram to rental car area – get in a line 10 people deep that takes another 30 minutes – rent car – lug everything and everybody to car – load ‘er up – drive 2 hours to campground –  collapse.

And that was just getting there.  Then there was 6 days of in-laws, extended family, and 3 kids (and wife).

We got back last night at 11 pm.  We drove home.  I unloaded the kids and the wife got them all in bed while I unpacked the car.  I collapsed on the couch and woke up at 7 am this morning to get all the kids ready for school.  I took them to school – and drove right back home again. 

Spent the day just sitting in my office in silence – glorious, unabated, goddamn silence.

NOW I’m ready to go back to work.




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