Love Is the Killer App

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Step aside, email. Internet? You ain’t got game. iPhone sounds sweet, but doesn’t even come close to the real killer app – that business application that holds the true power to change the world. Starting with your own world. The ultimate killer app is Love.

What the heck does that mean? It means that we live in a world of relationships and in order to succeed in a world with other people in it, we need to understand the basics. Yep, it’s back to fundamentals.

We need other people in order to be successful. We need their knowledge. We need their connection to other people’s knowledge. We need their support. And the best way to harness all of that is by doing our total best to share our own knowledge, network and compassion.

Yep – I believe this. I’ve seen it work in my life and business. Oh, I’m not perfect and neither is anyone else. But I’m here to testify to what I’ve seen. Tim Sanders wrote a book on it. It’s my favorite business book of all time. We’re talking about the book and how to use its content to start & grow successful small businesses in the StartupNation forum. Join us.

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