Must-read books for business start ups

Entrepreneurs are book readers. I find that almost everyone involved in business start ups is also reading at least one book. The book topics vary and often it’s helpful to get a complete change in perspective from what one normally reads. Information & inspiration can come from many sources. Here is one of my favorites:

Love Is the Killer App, How to Win Business and Influence Friends by Tim Sanders

Joel’s review: Truly caring about someone else is the only way to network in its purest form.

I have been preaching that message for years in the context of starting a business. Sanders gives a 3 stage road map for winning business and influencing people using bizlove:

• Knowledge
• Network
• Compassion

Read books – lots of them – to acquire bizknowledge, broker bizrelationships with no selfish agenda and share your knowledge by recommending books to your network, show compassion by truly desiring success for your network, and you will become a lovecat.

This book has become a benchmark in my bizlife. Tim lists 10 books to further your bizknowledge. My favorite of those?

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

I just know that many of you have read this one, so rather than share my review, how about you share yours. Also, got any additional reading suggestions to pass along? Share the love!!

ps thanks to lovecat & StartupNation Community Advisory Board member Matt S. for this blog suggestion

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