You simply cannot afford to NOT take “ME” time

This week, a fellow mompreneur tweeted me that I need to write a post on how mom entrepreneurs strategically find time for pampering (as in pedicures, facials, and some would say – exercise).  As I am a big proponent of scheduling and fitting as much as we can into our busy mom lives, I am up for her challenge.  I will answer her question, but not here right now.

I thought of how this question may relate to my larger start-up biz audience here at StartUpNation, and I easily found my answer in the original question — “Can we find time for pampering?”

I hear from so many entrepreneurs, not only moms and women, but men, too —  “I just do not have time for ME!” or “ME time is a luxury that I cannot afford right now.”

Well, I question how you simply cannot afford to go without a bit of ME time.  Although we all define what pampering means differently to each of us, every person is entitled to a little bit of it.  As a start-up biz person, who lives and breathes their business, more than likely works out of their home probably close to round the clock, and has invested the majority of their time, energy, love, and money into their venture…..YOU need some ME time!

So, while I plan to make some very real suggestions to mompreneurs everywhere on how they can fit a tiny bit of precious pampering, I ask you, StartUpNation Readers, to make a short list.  That list should include the top three ways that you like to enjoy ME time.  Honestly, your top choice could be as simple as shutting off your phone and reading a book for 30 minutes or indulging in an hour of yoga or perhaps a massage.

Make your list, hang it above your desk, and think about whether you take the time or not.

If you do, share with us why it is so important to make the time.

If you do not, stay tuned for some helpful hints as to allowing yourself time to indulge in YOU!

In the meantime, read about my recent brush with excess time and how I prefer the craziness and chaos at

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