How to Utilize Video Production as Part of Your Marketing Campaign

No matter the size of your business, video production should be a a part of the budget for every marketing campaign.

Video Production Should be Part of Your Marketing Campaigns

As the value of a business’ online presence increases with each passing year, it becomes more important every day to ensure you are making the most of the internet. To keep up with the times, it may be a case of you giving your marketing strategy a huge overhaul. These changes can help you snap up the vast market of shoppers online if you are an ecommerce website, or just advertise to the millions of online users. Your new strategy should look ahead to prioritizing a plan of action which is competitive, and widely held on the internet, rather than any alternative mediums (such as print or local radio marketing for example).

The main benefit of marketing on the internet is that you can track everything. You can gather data which will indicate what works, and what does not. Most importantly, you can track how many visitors land on your website daily, and how they found what lead them to your website in the first place. All of these things can be done with a little bit of code, rather than a significant charge. This data can really help you refine your ideas and budget when it comes to further steps of your marketing online and in general. By moving your marketing efforts online, you’ll gain the knowledge of what forms of marketing is driving the most traffic to your website, and most importantly, which methods are proving most profitable, converting the most website users into customers of your goods and services.

One particular method that can prove to be significantly profitable is video marketing; which is essentially the production of branded videos designed to inform, persuade, or sell.

Products which have an accompanying video are 95% more likely to be bought (provided that your pricing is competitive). Interestingly, video can add two minutes to a visitors’ stay on your website. When most users land on a website, they rarely stop and read most of your beautifully written sales copy. Instead, they scan, and scroll. Add a play button into the mix, and users will happily sit and watch and listen to information rather than read it for themselves. Those additional couple of minutes give you a larger window in which to impress, and convert your visitors into customers, or at least someone who wishes to make a further inquiry.

Don’t just take my word for it, according to Cisco, networking equipment design and manufacturing corporation, video will account for 69% of consumer internet traffic by 2017. Various studies have shown that the future of content marketing lies in video. More than half of companies polled already utilize the medium in one way or another, and this figure is predicted to rise as more people are made aware of the benefits and possibilities. What should be mentioned is how astounding the reach of video can be, it is almost unmatchable. YouTube can boast over 1 billion unique visitors each month, which is more than any other channel, excluding Facebook. Video can give you access to this immense market, in a way no other form of content can.

If, or when you do decide to incorporate video into your marketing strategy, you need to do your brand justice. This does not necessarily mean spending the big bucks, but it does mean thinking your ideas through, and not rushing in to anything. Sometimes a video will be the first time a potential customer is encountering your company, it would be foolish for you to give them a reason to dislike you before they have a chance to properly find out what you are all about. At the end of the day, first impressions do count. Hiring professional video production companies (US example) is always an option, depending on your budget, but it is not essential. Naturally, the advantage of hiring such companies are endless, the principal being that it’s their specialty, and they can help you represent your brand in the most professional way possible.

If video marketing has not occurred to you in terms of your marketing plan, it is never too late to get involved. Especially if you are a company with creativity at the core of your work ethos. Video is such a vibrant and creative way for you to make your business to stand out, and for you to get your name out there if you are a start-up business.

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