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3 Business Ideas for Retired Entrepreneurs Planning Their Next Venture

Ah, retirement! A time to kick back, relax on a golf course, conquer your personal reading list, and take it easy throughout the remaining golden years of life. For those retired individuals that were previously entrepreneurs, however, now might be the best time to skip a few years of disconnecting from the working world and...
LinkedIn ProFinder
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LinkedIn ProFinder Shares Advice for Navigating the Gig Economy

Whether you're a small business looking to hire help, or an entrepreneur seeking freelance work, there are plenty of resources to choose from. Sites like Fiverr are great for outsourcing on a budget, while a tool like LinkedIn ProFinder provides a marketplace for entrepreneurs in the gig economy. In fact, according to LinkedIn, the gig economy...
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Home Is Where The Boomer Business Is

 I’ve been excitedly awaiting the results of the new Homebased 100 contest.  As a regular contributor to the Boomers Back In Business blog and forum, and a coach of Boomer entrepreneurs myself, my attention has been particularly drawn to the winners in the Boomers Back In Business category.  What a wonderful variety of businesses are...
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5 Reasons Why It Is So Attractive To Start Your 50+ Business At Home

It is estimated that more than 35 million Americans work full-time or part-time from a home office. A good proportion of these people, maybe as high as 40%, are self-employed running their own businesses. Why is the thought of establishing your business in a home office so attractive? Let's take a look at five significant...
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What’s Life Like As a 50+ Business Owner?

If you’re like a growing number of Boomers, you’re quite interested in exploring starting your own business. But running a small business seems so different from what you’re used to in the corporate world, that you may be wondering: “What exactly is life like when you run your own business?” There is some variation in...