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9 Highly Successful Entrepreneurs Reveal the Biggest Startup Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

What separates the entrepreneurs who make it from those who don’t? These successful business founders and Advisors in The Oracles share the most common mistakes they see from aspiring entrepreneurs and explain how to overcome those mistakes. Here’s why some will never make it — and how you can. They believe everyone’s advice Entrepreneurs often struggle because...
Michael Cloran business mistakes
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Serial Entrepreneur Michael Cloran on the Mistakes That Can Sink a Startup (and How to Avoid Them)

Over the course of several startups and acquisitions, Michael Cloran has observed how hidden errors can lead to what he calls “technical debt” and ultimately tank an otherwise promising business. After Cloran connected with business professors and angel investors Todd Saxton and M. Kim Saxton, the trio expanded the concept to include other types of...
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4 Ways to Take Your Passion Project to the Next Level

What does success mean to you? Sitting down and honestly thinking about the answer to this question will help you know when it’s time to take your side hustle or freelance project to the next level. It will involve a lot of hard work, but by keeping the following tips in mind, you can gauge...
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7 Mistakes These Successful Entrepreneurs Will Never Make Again

No one ever made it to the top without encountering challenges or setbacks along the way. Fail enough times and you’ll eventually succeed. These seven entrepreneurs share the biggest mistakes from their past, and how their learning experiences can shape who you are today. 1. I didn’t experiment enough My biggest failures came from when...
Problem solving
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Problem Solving is Essential to the Productivity of Your Small Business

While there are bound to be some mistakes and errors made as you run your business, making excuses for them will only lead to more problems. Keep reading to learn how problem solving is essential to the success and productivity of your small business. When a mistake occurs, have you found yourself placing blame? Do...
Entrepreneurial mistakes
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Common Entrepreneurial Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

You have a brilliant idea, found a dream partner to build your startup with, are getting a lot of excited users to sign up and venture capitalists are already showing interest. What can possibly go wrong from here, right? A lot, actually. Startup entrepreneurs sometimes need advice when it comes to legalities, financial planning and investments....
Business Mistakes
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6 Preventable New Business Mistakes

Mistakes happen. Whether this is your first new business venture or your fifth, there are bound to be problems. Below are six common mistakes new businesses make, and how you can plan for such situations: The Workspace A restaurant needs kitchen equipment. A gym needs workout equipment. On top of this, the workspace needs enough...
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Sorry shouldn’t be the hardest word

"Sorry." Be prepared if you have to say it! Owning a small business can be tricky enough, but for healthcare professionals it brings the added danger of potentially damaging lawsuits should something go wrong in practice. While you can’t guarantee that mistakes won’t happen, you can reduce the risk of it happening in the first...
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7 Mistakes To Avoid & Help Your Business Grow

Let’s face it: none of us are perfect. While we might have been smart enough to start a business, that doesn’t make us immune to making mistakes. But I always say, mistakes are in the eye of the beholder. You can hang your head in shame every time you make an error, or you can...