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How Spending Time Near the Ocean Inspired This Entrepreneur

Michael Coughlin is the founder of The Blue Ocean Life, Co., a lifestyle brand for digital nomads and other people who are looking to break out of the mold of the traditional corporate lifestyle. The company currently sells clothing, hats and beach towels. Coughlin started the business after his own corporate experience left him unsatisfied....
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3 Pitfalls for Entrepreneurs to Avoid When Starting Up

Being an entrepreneur takes a special kind of person; someone with drive, intelligence and thick skin. After launching my e-commerce startup, I learned some important takeaways to share with other aspiring business owners. Below are three of the pitfalls that I've encountered myself, why to avoid them and how to overcome them. Pitfall #1: Waiting...
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3 Challenges Holding Back Your Global Team and How to Fix Them

A truly global workforce can diversify revenue streams and enhance your company’s talent pool. I know this firsthand. At my company, we have offices in seven different countries, from Poland to India. However, building a global team isn't easy. Despite 96 percent of business leaders believing they have what it takes to steer their organizations...
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Is this the golden age for entrepeneurs?

We have a lot of philosophies about entrepreneurship and small business here at StartupNation. One of them you will hear us mention often on the radio show or at live appearances is that "this is the golden age of entrepreneurship". And essentially what we mean by this is that there has never been a better...
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‘I Have a Problem!’ (Or Do You?!)

Walk the halls of StartupNation and you feel like you're living in a case study about entrepreneurship. Just like you, we work hard everyday to grow our business--our DREAM business. We're smaller than you think. We have only a dozen (totally inspired) full-time people and another half dozen experts on contract. The output of our...
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Idealistic Naivete

Every now and then, I speak to an aspiring entrepreneur who is amazed by the daring feats of business-building we all read about here on StartupNation, in magazines such as Inc., and anywhere else a business is being built. They perceive a huge chasm between where they are and where we entrepreneurs sit. This couldn't...