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Esspresso Shot Insight: Get Creative With Your Services

Having a baby is great, but no one wants to share how hard and sweaty it is - and no woman wants to go hmoe looking like a hockey player after the big game. Hospitals should consider thinking about their procedures as services. They refer to them as "hospital stays" - that is often how...
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If Sustainability Were a Person…it’d be Sean

Sean is one, interesting, bird. He’s worked at small brands, big brands, has a few degrees, speaks several languages, likes pentathlons…he’s sort of like a walking-talking Rubix Cube-meets-Swiss Army Knife—likes to play with brightly colored riddles as well as the intellectual means to move adeptly between disciplines.    Right out high school he went to...
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Espresso Shot Insight: Resist the pressure to grow too fast

Lots of the big boys, are big boys for a reason – they grew fast. Before there was a Starbucks on every corner, there was a McDonalds. One can argue that the former has a markedly more positive impact on property values, but both companies made the decision to go public. I’m not making a...
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Modeling The Way To Green, One House At A Time

If there was an action figure of Shane Petersen (, it would have the following accessories: the proverbial Seattle coffee, his marketing materials (printed on 100% recycled paper) and all the accouterments for an REI hiking emergency. Peterson is your friendly neighborhood Eco-Broker Realtor, educating the public on the benefits of living, building and investing...
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Do You Believe In (Imaginary) Friends?

When talking to Jody DeVere about her company Ask Patty, it's hard to know where DeVere ends and Patty begins. Both are smart, accomplished and energetic women, but only one has built several businesses, had children, and adapted through several industries. The other is a cartoon. Like best friends though, they do most everything together:...
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Tilth: Letting Your Inner Philosophy Be Your Guide

If you’re new to Seattle and looking for that list of three things you have to experience, here they are: the mountains, the sea…and Tilth. The experience is everything everyone has told you and more – just the sort of cozy dining you wish were in every neighborhood, the kind of quality you wish every...
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Green As Cyclical…Is It All A Fad?

Thanks for the great response and feedback to my last post, I’ve got a queue of businesses I’ll be profiling over the next few months and will report on findings in coming posts … Social entrepreneurism is a business model that is marketed squarely under the “green” banner. The more I dive into this topic,...