Esspresso Shot Insight: Get Creative With Your Services

Having a baby is great, but no one wants to share how hard and sweaty it is – and no woman wants to go hmoe looking like a hockey player after the big game.

Hospitals should consider thinking about their procedures as services. They refer to them as “hospital stays” – that is often how we refer to vacations in hotels isn’t it?

Go Home Gorgeous hopes to better equip new mothers for the sleepless times ahead.

Minneapolis/St. Paul-based Go Home Gorgeous offers a variety of in-room spa services for new mothers designed to help them go home from the hospital feeling better than they did when they arrived. Available services include a “foot thanking” treatment for USD 45; scalp, neck and shoulder massage for USD 60; traditional body massage for USD 85; and a postnatal body therapy package for USD 139. Gentle massage, aromatherapy and soothing music are used to transform the hospital room into what the company calls a “Spa-Spital” room, where eucalyptus-infused steam towels, for example, decrease water retention, deepen breathing and increase circulation.

After mom and baby are home, meanwhile, the company’s in-home “Sleep Relief ” offerings include night nanny, baby nurse and postpartum doula services—night nannies even arrive fully self-sufficient with their own cot, pillow, blanket, reading light and water bottle. Hourly rates vary from USD 20 to USD 35 per hour, with a USD 45 setup fee. Sleep massage packages, pregnancy massages and errand-running services are also available. Go Home Gorgeous donates 3 percent of its profits to organizations that help women in need.

Currently serving just Minnesota, Go Home Gorgeous plans to bring its sanity-saving services to the moms of Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Boston later this year.

Can you think of other places such mobile services would be appropriate? Why not offer express pedis at those long soccer games so many women are taxing to?

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