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11 Ways That Entrepreneurs Should Harness Content Marketing in 2019

When beginning to promote your new business, there are a wealth of marketing options available, both online and offline. With a lower cost than traditional advertising and a higher conversion rate, young brands are increasingly considering content marketing as a way to develop natural growth and presence. For entrepreneurs and startups, content marketing is the...
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Voice-Activated or Text Search: Don’t Be Led Blind by SEO Ranking

The voice assistant wars are heating up among Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple HomePod and their respective voice-activated personas, like Alexa and Siri. To date, already nearly half of Americans use voice assistants. With increased usage comes an increased need for effective marketing, and that begs the question: "How can conventional SEO translate to...
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4 IoT Devices That Can Help Your New Business Succeed

Predictions call for the introduction of billions of new Internet of Things, or IoT, devices in the next few years, but this might seem like nothing more than an interesting concept—and not one worth implementing for your new business. On the other hand, some of the jobs that you have to juggle from day to...
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How Voice-Activated Assistants Can Help Entrepreneurs Work Smarter

By now, many of us are owners of an Amazon Echo, a Google Home, or other voice-activated assistant. These gadgets are equipped with lots of tricks to smooth the running of a household, but the companies that produce them know that the big market is in applications for businesses. That’s what will move these from...
gary vaynerchuk
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This Serial Entrepreneur Says VoiceFirst Technology is the Future of Business

The following is excerpted from CRUSHING IT! Copyright © 2018 by Gary Vaynerchuk. Reprinted with permission from Harper Business, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.  VoiceFirst Chances are good that most people reading have at least heard of, if not experimented with, all the platforms we have discussed so far in this book. But few of you...
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5 Marketing Efforts You Need to Implement to Remain Competitive

With a never-ending flow of new marketing ideas and innovations, it’s easy to jump on a trend too quickly without taking the right steps for proper execution. Marketing success in the new year is all about thinking differently to make your efforts smarter, faster, more nimble and relevant. With this in mind, consider taking a...
Chatbot technology
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Chatbot Technology: Taking Advantage of AI’s Influence on Customer Interaction

Chatbot technology is nothing new — what’s new is the growing number of industries that are now able to take advantage of it. From taking a pizza order to building a strong financial portfolio, artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbot technology is becoming more functional and more prevalent than ever before. AI-capable machines can infer new...