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9 Tips for Women Who Want to Start a Business

Women entrepreneurs have become a strong force in today’s business world. Across the globe, many leading companies are now led by female entrepreneurs, many of whom already paved the way for aspiring women business owners. Before you start planning for your new venture, heed the following tips in order to start a business that will help you...
Start Your Own Business
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How to Start Your Own Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

Starting your own business can be a great way to maximize your revenue, decide your own working hours and choose your co-workers. As dreamy as this sounds to start your own business, it can be one of the most stressful projects you’ve ever set out to accomplish. Being your own boss isn’t for everyone. With...
Tips for starting a business
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5 Tips for Starting a Business

Starting a business can be very difficult, especially since more than 50 percent of UK startups fail within their first year. In our guide to starting a business, we provide a proven method to become a business champion by positioning your company successfully and allowing staff to establish themselves in the industry. Below are five...
Startup Idea
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I Have a Startup Idea: What’s Next?

So you’ve got a startup idea – that’s great! But for many of us, it’s not coming up with an idea that’s the hard part, it’s figuring out what to do next. The following are some tips to guide you while navigating those first few steps: Research the market After you have developed your core business...
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Ten Steps to opening a lemonade stand

We are trying to teach our 6 year old the value of work. We are hopeful to raise a young man with a strong work ethic and desire to succeed. It's much easier said than done. So when I offered him the job of cleaning up some lawn debris for cash that he could use...
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Hate your boss? Start Your Own Business.

The number one reason that people change jobs is their immediate supervisor. The company can be crumbling around you but if your manager is treating you well, you are likely to stick around - and flourish. On the other hand, you could be at one of the best companies to work for, but if you...
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Starting a Business – How to Start a Business on eBay

Starting a Business How to Start a Business with Ebay Starting a Business can be quite complicated if you are clueless to what you want to do. eBay is the world’s leading online marketplace for discounted merchandise ranging from garage sale items, to fine collectibles all manner of new products. These items are sold by...
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“Small Business.” Does that term apply to you?

We always like reading the work of Gwendolyn Bounds in the Wall Street Journal. This week she highlights an effort by the SBA to refine the federal agency's definition of what a "small" business is. And, boy, the SBA needs to! For example, they have 37 different "size standards" to account for the full gamut...