Hate your boss? Start Your Own Business.

The number one reason that people change jobs is their immediate supervisor. The company can be crumbling around you but if your manager is treating you well, you are likely to stick around – and flourish. On the other hand, you could be at one of the best companies to work for, but if you are unhappy with the person you report to, you’re outta there.

Recognizing that you are unfulfilled in your job can also be the tipping point that motivates you to strike out on your own. That’s how it happened with Jon Wagner and many more like him. Being your own boss gives you the control you crave to have a "good" boss. At least it leaves you without any excuses.

Special message to entrepreneurs with an existing team of people: pay personal attention to each of them. Even in your "rough seas" building stage, they will stick with you – and flourish!

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