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The 4 Secrets to Success as a Midlife Entrepreneur

Scott Fitzgerald famously wrote, “There are no second acts in American life.” If that sentence were true, my wife, Carrie, and I would have never founded a new tutoring business while I neared my fifth decade. But with The House Tutoring Lounge®, that is exactly what we did after a decade of experimenting in associated...
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Why being second to market can make you a winner!

Wal Mart, Kroger, and Costco all have one thing in common that can teach all inventors a great lesson - being "second" to market can make you a winner! I just read an article about how Whole Foods has been losing ground to the likes of Wal Mart in the sales of organic foods -...
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Where to Begin in Inventing? An Interview With Chris Hawker

Exactly a year ago, I began my inventing odyssey.  Over breakfast, I announced to my family that I was going to extract the idea that I had in my head and take it from inception to market.  I sounded very confident, but in reality I knew very little about how I was going to do...
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Specialty Retail Entrepreneur Expo & Conference, You gotta go!

Want to start your specialty product business this year? Then you MUST attend the (SPREE) Specialty Retail Entrepreneur Expo & Conference. Be part of the world's largest event for the $12 billion specialty retail industry! No matter if you are a retailer, or prospective entrepreneur looking for the newest concepts, or interested in starting  or...
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Invention In The Spotlight – august (girl in bikini reads book)

  No, the invention of the month is not the girl in the bikini; it is the clever floating bookstand she’s using to read in the hot tub! Each month, I like to provide the StartUpNation inventor community with one invention that seems to catch people’s attention, whether it’s the creative nature and uniqueness of...
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Your Product + QVC = $$ MILLIONS $$

    The fastest ways to bring your product to market is to get it on QVC!  The best, and fastest, way to do that is hire a QVC agent! What is a QVC Agent? A QVC Agent is an independent person, or group, that can get your product or new invention in front of a...
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Getting an Invention Prototype Built

Prototypes are near and dear to our hearts because building and using them helped us succeed in licensing our dead battery prevention device, the Battery Buddy, to a huge company. We built our prototypes ourselves. But there are other ways to get it done. In the companion to this piece, you can learn about the...