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Startup Pitfalls
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12 Startup Pitfalls to Avoid

Startup pitfalls to avoid So you want to be an entrepreneur, eh? Get ready for the ride of your life. Following our passions gives us a feeling of vivacity that is infectious.  We get tunnel...
business plan elements
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7 Savvy Planning Strategies For Business Owners

"Must Have" Planning Strategies According to the United States Small Business Association and the Internal Revenue Service’s 2011 survey, only about 10 percent of business owners are making more than $100,000 in their business. What...
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The 10 Commandments Of Proposal Writing

Proposal Writing: The Order Of Importance For Your Selling Arguments Why are some proposals a success when others aren’t? Why do some people rise to the top of their sales organization and some don’t? Are...
Startup Funding
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Raise Capital Online for Your Foodie Dream

Prepping Your Food Business To Raise Capital Online Gil Michel-Garcia has mastered the technique of crowdfunding, raising more than $1 million for his food-based company. Through popular websites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the Internet...
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How to Build Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand should reflect YOU! Raggedy-looking guys are considered hip. Similarly-dressed women are considered ill-groomed. What to do?! I think most female tech CEOs can appreciate my frustration: How can male tech CEOs get...