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To Succeed in Doing Business Online, You Must Master These 3 Areas

Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky once said, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.” These immortal words ring true for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to succeed today, and that requires focusing on meeting customers where the action is increasingly happening. During the pandemic, and...
WJR Business Beat
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WJR Business Beat with Jeff Sloan: TalkDesk Study Shows Business Owners Must Have an Omnichannel Presence (Episode 203)

On this morning's WJR Business Beat, Jeff discusses the importance of having an omnichannel approach in business. What does that mean? It means that in order to succeed, business owners must meet their customers where they are, and that requires both in-person and online interactions. According to a new study just released by Talkdesk, 78%...
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5 Essential Steps for Launching a Successful Online Business in 2021

The pandemic has made life difficult in innumerable ways, but it has also presented business opportunities to savvy entrepreneurs. Company closures left spaces for startups to fill, and the unprecedented environment prompted the creation and development of specific markets. For example, IBM’s U.S. Retail Index estimates that the coronavirus and resulting social distancing measures have accelerated...
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7 Tips for Starting an Online Business

Few things create a flood of new online business seekers like economic uncertainty, but the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly exceptional for one reason: remote work. Now that people have cut commutes and are getting more time at home, that side hustle that’s been shelved for so many years has become significantly more approachable....
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The Complete A-to-Z Guide to Starting Your Online Business

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur favoring e-commerce over a traditional storefront, we have the top tips on how to kickstart your new online business. Between establishing your company as an LLC, coming up with a marketing plan, and leaning into paid marketing, there’s a whole host of ways to successfully promote your business — and rank...
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8 Crucial Steps You Need to Take Before Launching an E-Commerce Business

Thinking about starting an online business? It’s a good idea: e-commerce sales are expected to reach $3.45 trillion globally this year. Here are eight steps to take when launching your business, according to successful e-commerce entrepreneurs and Advisors in The Oracles. Play to your strengths and outsource the rest "I don’t even have a laptop or iPad,...
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The Ultimate 10-Step Checklist to Starting an Online Business

If you plan to start an online business this year, your website needs to be a serious player from the start, not a thrown together afterthought. While rushing in without a plan might work for Indiana Jones, it’s not the best advice for online entrepreneurs. E-commerce retail is expected to climb 24 percent by 2023,...
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How to Value an Online Startup: Tips for Buying or Selling a Business

Of all the potential outcomes for an entrepreneur seeking to exit his or her online business, a profitable sale is undoubtedly one of the most favorable. In order to achieve a successful sale, it is necessary to first understand how to value an online business’ worth and to set an appropriate asking price. But how...
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5 Steps to Purchase a Profitable Online Business

Technology has not only made many tasks easier in recent years, it has also paved the way for innovation and trends. Over the last few years, the growth of online shopping has affected the bottom-line of several brick-and-mortar retail giants.  In 2014, the online business industry was valued at $220 billion. It is estimated that...
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How to Produce Juicy Content That Catches Eyeballs

Where I live in Los Angeles, I constantly see billboards for popular YouTubers, which tells me that Google is investing a lot of money into helping popular brands succeed. More and more frequently, we are seeing popular YouTubers transcend the internet with content and move into more traditional media and movies, knocking down the gatekeepers...
Independent retail store
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3 Things You Need to Know Before Starting an Independent Retail Store

If you’re looking to start your own independent retail store, there’s plenty you need to know in order to stand out from the crowds and make your venture a successful one. To do so, you’ll need to beat out big name retailers that might have decades of experience under their belt. Read on to find out...
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How to Start an E-Commerce Business with Next to No Capital

Many aspiring entrepreneurs are often faced with the daunting task of amassing capital in order to commence business endeavors. The idea that you have to be rich to start a business, or attain a large loan from your parents, has been embedded in the minds of many. While there are businesses that have high barriers...
E-Commerce Businesses
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How E-Commerce Businesses Can Boost Brand Marketing

Even in a thriving digital economy, print still plays a big role in brand marketing. For e-commerce businesses that ship goods directly to customers, printed add-ons are a tactful way to dramatically enhance the unboxing experience. Small online businesses know that customers appreciate and remember finding thoughtful extras in their packages, so they invest time and effort...
Online Marketing Trends, marketing tasks
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Four Tips for Marketing Your Small Business Online

Marketing your small business online can be profitable! For most businesses, successful marketing translates into better sales. But with limited resources, small businesses don’t always have the budget to hire a full-time marketing manager. Luckily, effective marketing efforts don’t have to be extravagant or costly. These simple methods can help drive awareness, increase sales and...
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Taobao: a key to the China market?

Taobao: a key to the China market? This article will focus on the best strategy to enter online shopping market in China, through a Taobao shop. First, we will see why a Taobao shop is an excellent tool to establish a brand in China. Then we will discuss how it should be used, especially about:...
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The Only 6 Steps You Need to Start an Online Business Right Now

Do you want to make more money? Do you want to start a business with no money? Are you ready to finally get into the game and start your own online business? First off, don’t even think about using any of the following: “I can’t think of any good ideas.” “I don’t have the money...
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More Advice on ABC News Now

During my recent appearance on ABC News Now, I was lucky enough to be asked to provide some advice to fellow entrepreneurs who are growing businesses built around their passions. Click here or on the image below to view that advice. Let me know if you have a cool story you'd like to share with ABC News...