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workplace safety
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Workplace Safety: Conduct a Workplace Risk Assessment

A complete workplace risk assessment is critical to protect your employees and your business. Be proactive in identifying risks before you are forced to because of liability. A thorough inspection of the work environment, equipment and systems must be done to determine potential hazards and to implement safety systems. Often, this inspection is timed to...
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Real-World Examples of Blockchain Technology Use in Business 

While everyone has heard of bitcoin by now in some capacity, blockchain technology — the technology that powers bitcoin transactions - is just as powerful.  Blockchain technology has become extremely popular, with different industries are adopting the technology to revamp their processes. In fact, 2.8% of the global population is already using it in various...
business security
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Business Security Measures to Take Offline and Online

Ensuring the utmost security of your business serves a two-pronged purpose. The first and, arguably, more obvious purpose of business security is protecting your capital, whether it’s from investors or straight out of your pocket. The money you put into any enterprise has a better shot at growing if a top-notch security system is in...