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How to Validate Your Business Idea in 30 Days (or Less)

Starting a business requires serious research, but it also requires you to seize opportunity. Jump in without consulting the data, and you risk boarding a sinking ship. Spend a year learning every detail of the space, and your opportunity may already be gone. As with most things in life, a balanced approach is best when it...
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7 Steps to Successfully Launch a Product

There are thousands of companies creating and promoting thousands of products in the global marketplace each year. You probably haven’t even heard of the vast majority—many of which failed on arrival. According to Harvard Business School research, 95 percent of new products fail in their first year. You may have a great, ground-breaking product idea,...
content marketing
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16 Content Marketing Mistakes You May Be Making (and How to Avoid Them)

Having just embarked on your entrepreneurial journey, you’ve thrown yourself into content marketing. Everyone is telling you that it’s essential for building your audience and growing your business. But there’s so much work involved, and you’re barely keeping up. What’s worse is that you haven’t been seeing the results you were promised, and you’re starting...
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Why Adding SaaS is Essential to Scaling Your Service Business

All ascending companies will eventually face the choice of whether they should channel their efforts into growth or continued profitability, whether they like it or not. Some entrepreneurs welcome the challenge, while others find it hard to deviate resources from what they know already works. Regardless of personal reaction to the issue of growth, it is nonetheless...
inbound marketing
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How to Create an Effective Inbound Marketing Path From the Start

At last, you’re officially open for business and you’re ready to jump into the chaotic world of content marketing. Remember rule number one: Content that pulls people in will always be more effective than advertising shoved in front of customers’ faces. You probably understand this as an entrepreneur, but execution is much easier said than...
content marketing
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5 Ways to Assess Whether Your Content Marketing is Doing Its Job

It’s a simple fact: even if you write consistent content for your startup's blog and website, you’re not guaranteed the results you want. Yet, not every entrepreneur takes the time to assess why they’re not succeeding with content marketing. As a result, they’re left believing that content marketing is an ineffective tool that they shouldn’t...