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What is Cyber Insurance, and Does My Startup Need It?

Startups typically rely on innovative ideas and technologies to disrupt and revolutionize their respective industries. However advantageous, this reliance on technology also has its drawbacks. Most startups can expect to have severe exposure to cybercrime...
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5 Common Cybersecurity Mistakes Startups Make

For an entrepreneur, the topic of cybersecurity can seem overwhelmingly complex. When tied up with sales, day-to-day operations and countless priorities, some even consider it irrelevant. The truth is, a basic understanding of information security...
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7 Tips for Protecting Your Startup’s Data

From 2013 to 2014, Yahoo was breached by hackers and over 3 billion user accounts were compromised. Three billion. The fallout from these security breaches was estimated to have knocked off $350 million from Yahoo's...