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Stop Trying to Sell to Everyone: Here’s How to Find Your Target Audience

Every year, amazing businesses fail simply because the people who would buy from them (their target audience) didn’t know they existed. I blame “Field of Dreams.” The movie came out in 1989 and was an instant classic, but the concept behind its tagline — “If you build it, he will come” — has misled millions...
branding from suck to success
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Branding Yourself: A Guide for Extraordinary Entrepreneurship

The following is excerpted from "From Suck to Success: A Guide for Extraordinary Entrepreneurship" (Tulip Media, February 26, 2021). StartupNation exclusive discounts and savings on Dell products and accessories: Learn more here Branding yourself When I work with entrepreneurs about building stronger, more successful businesses, one of the first concepts we work to improve is...
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5 Reasons Why It’s Imperative to Immerse Yourself Into Your Target Industry

Startup culture loves big pictures and disruptive ideas. Not only is the ability to give a compelling pitch a necessary part of fundraising, but it’s also a boon to leadership. Setting that “North Star” with confidence helps teams and stakeholders align around a common vision and get to work. For all their usefulness, though, those...
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3 Things Entrepreneurs Must Do to Increase Their Startup’s Chance of Survival

Entrepreneurship is often idealized — you can “be your own boss,” attain “financial freedom” and work a “four hour workweek” — right? Well, yes, those things are possible, especially in the long run. At least in the beginning, startup founders often enjoy an incredible amount of control over their day-to-day. And yes, entrepreneurship can lead...
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How SEO Engages Your Customers Throughout the Conversion Funnel

Many of you are likely familiar with the basic benefit of SEO: Your website’s pages rank higher in search engine results for target keywords. The more people exposed to your site through search results, the more they engage with your brand (albeit earning significant traffic from search only occurs if you are among the top...
big idea
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Her Big Idea: Does Your Idea Solve a Problem?

The following is excerpted from "Her Big Idea: The Next Genheration of Entrepreneurs" by Haley Hoffman Smith via New Degree Press. Published June 2018. Kara Goldin had a Diet Coke addiction. I really don’t blame her. I, too, have a strenuous romantic relationship with Diet Coke. But Goldin was bordering on eight to 10 Diet...
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(Should You) Eliminate These 3 Marketing Elements You Don’t Need?

From hairstyles to musical tastes, just about everything changes over time. There are some “classics” that never go out of style, but for the most part, if something is outdated, it’s pretty obvious. When it comes to your startup’s marketing strategy, there are also some “classic” elements that will always be important, such as: Understanding...