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8 Things Entrepreneurs Often Overlook When Starting a Business

Not everyone has the drive to start their own business. Even deciding to press ahead and take that risk is a massive first step, and one to be applauded. We need that entrepreneurial spirit and mindset in the world in order for innovative new businesses to emerge. However, it’s important to take things slowly and...
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5 Things Your Business Should Do Now to Recover From the Pandemic

COVID-19 has plunged the global economy into a now inevitable recession. Businesses of all sizes have been impacted, but startups and small to medium-sized businesses are suffering the most. Overnight, many startups have seen all of their clients become “at risk.” With less disposable income, their business operations may slow, along with sales. External support...
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How to Minimize Risk and Grow Your Business Responsibly

Being a business owner is one of the hardest, most stressful jobs, and every decision can feel like it’s “make it or break it” for the chance at success. The goal of nearly every startup is to expand its business to serve more people. The question, however, is what expansion strategy to pursue. Whether you’re...
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What Can a Startup Learn From the Super Bowl?

With Super Bowl LIII in the books, here is what we know for sure: The Patriots are world champions, and the robot uprising is inevitable. The Super Bowl remains the biggest stage for brands. Heavy hitters make their loudest statements with the hopes that social media will light up, leading to a discussion that goes...
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5 Steps for Transforming Your Vision Into Company Success

In the opening chapter of his book, "Double Double," author and mentor Cameron Herold writes, “Many people create goals for the future but don’t really have a vision of what their company will look like at that point.” Having goals is important, but having a clear vision of how to reach those goals often determines...
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Convey Your Brand Values with Color [Infographic]

As a startup owner, you have wide range of decisions to make that have a crucial impact on your future success. Research suggests that perhaps none have such a powerful subconscious impact on your customers than the colors you choose to represent your business. For example, did you know that 85 percent of shoppers cite color...