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10 Tools to Kickstart Your Freelance Operation

Making the decision to freelance is a big one. It requires some serious determination, entrepreneurial spirit and a whole lot more that you might not have initially considered. Things like tax forms, software and a workflow are essential to being a freelancer, yet secondary to your primary duty. Whether it’s writing, editing, animating or designing, we...
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What Will Coworking Look Like in 2020 and Beyond?

Since the world’s first coworking spaces were launched in the early 2000s, the amount of flexible office space has expanded yearly, with an estimated 22,400 coworking spaces now available globally. What began as merely an alternative to the traditional office has become a worldwide phenomenon; today, there’s hardly a major city in the world that isn’t...
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Bamboo Detroit, WeWork and Detroit Water Ice: Starting up in Detroit

This episode of StartupNation Radio is brought to you by Pappas Financial On this episode of StartupNation Radio, your host, Jeff Sloan, talks with several entrepreneurs who are working hard in downtown Detroit. First up is Amanda Lewan, co-founder of Detroit’s largest coworking space, Bamboo Detroit. With 250 members, Bamboo helps entrepreneurs start and grow or “land and...
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Coworking Spaces of Detroit Featuring Bamboo and WeWork

On this week's edition of StartupNation Radio, Jeff talks with three guests on an essential of entrepreneurship: office space. These guests prove that their companies, Bamboo and WeWork, provide not just office space, but shared, coworking space and a sense of community. First up is Amanda Lewan, co-founder of Detroit's largest coworking space, Bamboo Detroit....
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Startup Toolkit: Essential Resources for Entrepreneurs

Starting a new company is rewarding, exciting and completely overwhelming. Every new business endeavor comes with a host of issues and responsibilities to fall upon your shoulders. So, if you’re an overwhelmed entrepreneur, where should you begin? Take advantage of these essential resources that will help you launch a successful business. Startup communities Startup communities...
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5 Reasons Why Side Hustles Make Millennials Better Entrepreneurs

Some 44 million Americans are currently holding down side hustles in addition to their main source of income. This type of work appeals to anyone who wants to earn an extra buck, and is particularly attractive to millennials, whose money woes eclipse those of generations before them. Simple recently surveyed a panel of millennials who have side...
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6 Strategies for Combating Solopreneur Loneliness

Working as a solopreneur shouldn’t translate to “forever alone,” but going full-time freelance can be a setup for an isolated existence if you aren’t proactive about finding a community. The good news is that, at least statistically, you’re not alone: 55 million Americans identify as freelancers. The other piece of good news is that there are...