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10 Essential Money Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is challenging, but it can be especially difficult if you begin building your business at a young age. Young entrepreneurs face unique hurdles like creating a company with less work and life experience under their belt. If you’re a young entrepreneur, you may also struggle with being taken less seriously by older...
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Do You Have A License For That? 4 Tips for Aspiring Kidpreneurs

With the holidays quickly approaching, kids may be ramping up their entrepreneurial efforts to afford the same gadgets and apps that their friends are fiddling with all day. But, while snow shoveling businesses and homemade baked good enterprises have been popular money-earning ventures for generations of U.S. kids, that’s not stopped government authorities from shutting...
Young entrepreneur
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Advice for Young Entrepreneurs (from a Young Entrepreneur)

Growing up, it always irritated me when I would read books and hear about teenagers, as young as 13 and 14, making millions by starting their own business. I started my own landscaping business at 14, and the best I ever did was rake in $30K when I was 16. It wasn’t until recently that...
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MyAfricanStartUp & African Development Bank Launch Their 1st Annual Meeting

MyAfricanStartUp & African Development Bank Launch the 1st Annual Meeting of African Start-ups on May 26th & 27th 2015 in Abidjan The kick-off meeting of the initiative MyAfricanStartUp in cooperation with the African Development Bank (AFDB) will take place in Abidjan on May 26th and 27th 2015. For the first time, the African Development Bank...
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Start them Young! How to Cultivate the Young Entrepreneur

I remember very clearly my first trip to the principal’s office.   I was in the second grade and in trouble for “stealing other kid’s lunch money”.   As much as it sounds like the calling card of a bully, I can assure you it was nothing like that.   It was the early 80’s and jelly bracelets...
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The rise of a VERY young entrepreneur

A fellow author and new friend of mine, Ben Casnocha just released his book and is screaming up the charts on Amazon. Ben is even younger than I am! I had the chance to hear him speak in Tucson and his story is great. Help out a fellow young entrepreneur and purchase his book, My...