eBay Live! update

Well, folks, if you were ever wondering whether eBay is still in fashion, we can assure you that it is–more than ever!

Our most recent Success in the US tour stop was in San Jose where eBay threw a half-week-long eBay jamboree called eBay Live.

About 11,000 bright-eyed, semi-costumed (some might say ‘crazed’) eBay enthusiasts turned out this year, and a subset of those came to the event on a mission: to transition their casual buying and selling experiences with eBay into a full-fledged eBay business.

We taped a fantastic radio show there with a jam-packed audience of future eBay-preneurs. The show will air in August, but until then, here’s a snapshot of what we all learned during the show:

1. eBay is an inexpensive way to start a business.
2. eBay provides an instant marketplace with prepackaged tools designed to help you generate awareness and traffic.
3. eBay businesses, like other businesses, should be based on a solid business plan–one that dovetails perfectly with your life plan.
4. eBay-preneurs often start with eBay but expand beyond eBay once they’ve got strength and momentum.
5. Whether you’re going to use eBay as your primary business venue or not, eBay’s a great way to find out price sensitivity for your product. By learning how much people are willing to pay and how heated the bidding is, you can get a good gauge on demand and pricing.

Have any of you had experiences you’d like to share, positive or negative, with your own eBay business?

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