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eBay Live – Somebody Get Me A Helmet!

Hi gang, Well,  I've got a lot to digest after 3 days of eBay Live here in Chicago.  I'll be posting thoughts/announcements all week, but here are my overall impressions: 1.  I thought eBay Live...
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Want your eBay questions answered Live?

This coming week, I will be on StartupNation Radio, broadcast across the country to answer your questions about eBay and Internet business. We will be selecting 6 or 7 eBay sellers to join us on...
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The best part of eBay Live!

While there is much to benefit from, the best thing about eBay Live is being able to connect with some of the greats in the business. I had the opportunity to talk with guys like...
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Live blogging from eBay Live!

I'm sitting in my hotel room after the second day of eBay Live! 2007 in Boston. I'm experiencing the conflicting feeling of intense exhaustion mixed with excitement. This is truly a great event. If for...
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Meet Corey Kossack at eBay Live!

Hi guys, Sorry to have been away this last week - preparations for this year's eBay Live! have been time-consuming... I'm packing my bags and heading to Boston tomorrow, where eBay Live! will be held...
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The Power of eBay Live!

Last week I asked my readers to join the discussion and comment on what they thought of eBay Live, and if they were planning to attend this year. Here's my two cents: eBay Live is...
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eBay Live! update

Well, folks, if you were ever wondering whether eBay is still in fashion, we can assure you that it is--more than ever! Our most recent Success in the US tour stop was in San Jose...