AR/VR Dell Technologies

The Future of AR/VR: Presented by StartupNation and Dell Technologies

StartupNation presents a fireside chat with Dell’s director of VR/AR, Gary Radburn, moderated by Mick Brege.

In this session, recorded during Detroit Startup Week 2020, Radburn covers:

  • The differences between augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)
  • How AR and VR can be used in a business context, and the benefits of doing so
  • How businesses can integrate AR and VR into their processes
  • How AR and VR relate to coworking
  • How businesses can use virtual conferencing to be more productive
  • AR and VR use cases for the healthcare industry
  • Cost-effective use cases for entrepreneurs and startups

Tune in to the session below!

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Gary Radburn is the Director of VR/AR and Client Virtualization globally at Dell Inc. As part of his role, he manages the team charged with developing and delivering VR/AR technology, works closely with Dell customers on VR/AR deployments and founded Dell’s VR Centers of Excellence with locations around the world for businesses and consumers to experience and learn more about VR in the real world.

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