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Amanda DiSilvestro is the editor-in-chief for Plan, Write, GO . She has been writing about all things digital marketing as a ghostwriter, guest writer, and blog manager for over 10 years. If you’re interested in outsourcing your content, check out her blogging services to learn more!
physical products
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Every Business Should Offer Physical Products. Here’s Why

In an effort to increase revenue and balance cash flow, many service businesses are now attempting to mix products with their services. Customers for services ranging from personal trainers to web designers are big on the personalization and convenience factors. Hybrid solutions—products and services combined into original offerings—can help your business attract new customers and...
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Must-Have Paid Tools For SEO Success

In order to increase search rankings in SEO work, I've outlined my top 10 list of paid tools for SEO success. Whether you are working independently or for a firm, it is critical that you have the ability to measure your success; so having an appropriate toolbox for this line of work is essential. Many...
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Top SEO Competitive Analysis Techniques

Most business owners will agree that analyzing your competition is an important part of the SEO process. Unfortunately, this is often one of those “all talk no action” type scenarios. We all know that analyzing the competition is important, but actually making the time and doing so isn’t so easy. You can periodically check out...
Social Media Strategy
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Social Media Strategy: How To Make It International

Certain ways of conducting your social media strategy work more effectively than others, and this includes scheduling, posting, messaging, engaging, participating in new networks, using etiquette, leveraging analytics, you name it. When planning your social media activities, it’s important to consider all of these aspects not just for your local audiences but also on a...
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Effectively Manage Your Online Reputation

When most people think about online marketing, they think about content and words and creativity—using the right side of the brain. While this is a huge part of online marketing, there are also quite a few numbers involved. Between quality scores, SEO rankings, conversions, time on site numbers, numbers on Google versus Bing versus Yahoo,...
twitter marketing
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How to Find the Right Phone System for Your Business

Every kind of business in every kind of industry needs a business phone system. Although email is one of the most popular forms of communication, phone systems haven’t disappeared. Talking on the phone gives people the opportunity to talk in real time to one another, so answering any questions or concerns is immediate. I know...
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Protect Your Business with Workers Compensation Insurance

Every startup company needs to prepare for the worst. Even if you are an experienced entrepreneur, a lot of things can go wrong the first year of a company. One of the most important considerations is of course the safety of your employees, so it is important that your company has workers compensation insurance. This...
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Your Secret Ingredient to Better Website Traffic

When it comes to food, every family seems to have their secret ingredient. In my family, that secret ingredient is ketchup. My grandpa takes it a little too far with the ketchup and ice cream combination (yes, that’s really true), but nonetheless it seems to help outsiders enjoy my mom’s cooking. This led me to...
B2G product marketing
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5 Easy & Effective Guest Posting Tips

Being a “guest” is always somewhat exciting until you actually get there; then suddenly it’s nerve-racking and you feel like you’re walking on eggshells. People usually associate this feeling with meeting the parents or going on an interview (hopefully only one situation requires a background check, but those of you who have seen Meet the...
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Green is the New Orange this Halloween

If I told you that you should focus on creating a green company, I think you would tell me that starting a company is hard work, and there are other things to worry about first. In almost any situation, I would agree with you; however I think you will find that creating a green company...