Must-Have Paid Tools For SEO Success

In order to increase search rankings in SEO work, I’ve outlined my top 10 list of paid tools for SEO success. Whether you are working independently or for a firm, it is critical that you have the ability to measure your success; so having an appropriate toolbox for this line of work is essential. Many useful tools are free and open-sourced SEO tools, and others are paid with monthly or annual memberships. Tools also range from simple and user friendly to complex and have a variety of functions, so your choices can seem overwhelming at times.

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Fortunately, choosing the right tools doesn’t have to be stressful. The important thing is that you try out a few at first so that you have something to use in the meantime while you find the perfect tools for your needs. The more you know about your options, the better.

My Top 10 List of Paid Tools For SEO Success

Here I quickly outline 10 of the most useful and most popular paid SEO tools available. If you aren’t currently using any premium (or paid) software, this could be your ticket to improving your success:

1. Advanced Web Ranking

Advance Web Ranking is a great SEO tool that is easy to use for keyword search, link building strategies, and customized reports. If you are looking to purchase software for the first time as an in-house SEO or an SEO firm, this is a great first step to building your toolbox.

2. Compete

If you don’t know how your competition is doing it is hard to create a strategy of how to Compete with them! This is a really great tool for comparison and strategy of how to get a step ahead. Features include analysis of website performance, keyword research, and overall linking strategies.

3. SEO Clarity

Effort is only as good as the results you are getting. SEO Clarity is an analysis software that allows you to see your SEO efforts through site audits, advance SEO research, and streamlining of your SEO reports. Additionally, SEO Clarity will allow clients to get access to a demo of the software upon request (try before you buy)!

4. Bid Management Tools

In the world of search engine marketing, SEO bid management tools are critical to manage paid search campaigns. Here are 4 Bid Management tools you do not want to miss out on.

DC Storm
Marin Software

5. SemRush

SemRush is all about maximizing the success of your business website! This software gives you the ability to compare your business site with your competition as well as comparing multiple domains. Additionally, they have a basic and expert software (with varying prices), which allows you to start out with a more basic plan to learn the software and then increase to the expert for more features.

6. HootSuite

In terms of effective link building, it does not get much better than HootSuite. This program is one of the best for improving presence on social media—including the management of multiple profiles and accounts. It is worthwhile to improve your social media efforts.

7. Competitive Intelligence Tools

Whether your sales strategy is self-contained online or the majority of your sales come in over the phone, keyword and ad analysis is critical to see what is working well for your business as well as what is working for your competition. Here are 5 competitive intelligence tools that have specific niches, one which certainly would be beneficial for your business.
Visual Website Optimizer
Next Analytics

8. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is the ultimate SEO spider tool. It’s functions all come from the SEO perspective, to analyze, audit, or review sites. It allows the user to filter and analyze data in a way that is unique to this software interface. Definitely worth the purchase for the multiple features and benefits!
As I mentioned, building your SEO toolbox is essential for success, and all of the paid tools mentioned in this article cover different aspects of improving your success.

I also talked with Scott Langdon, managing partner of SEO Company HigherVisibility, who explained that you should take your time before committing to a paid service. He said, “Before you go and purchase any of these software licenses see if you can get a free demo or trial period before making a decision of which is the first step you need. Additionally, follow the links and read more about the individual tool’s features and consider what your business or SEO efforts may be lacking most at the moment.”

Moral of the story: With the right tools in your kit, you should be improving your SEO efforts in no time.
Do you know of any other great tools that have helped improve your SEO? Let us know your experiences and your thoughts in the comment section below.

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