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Suzanne Vallance is a content writer based in Glasgow, Scotland. With roots in fashion design and branding, she has fine-tuned her skills and now focuses on sharing advice with young businesses in order for them to enjoy success through effective branding design.
Project management
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Project Management Course: Improve Your Startup’s Success

When starting a business, many entrepreneurs undervalue the power of taking a project management course. The future is never certain for a startup company, and the first couple of years are often the toughest. With a shortage of money and time, it can be difficult for startups to establish their business priorities. Running any business requires...
Packaging Costs
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How Your Business Can Save Money on Packaging Costs

B2B packaging is just as important as the merchandise inside, or the customer that receives the final goods. Packaging’s main role is to protect and contain what is inside of it, and investing in your packaging material (even if it means higher packaging costs) gives your business a trustworthy exterior. Many businesses can save money...
Sustainable Packaging
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Future Proof Your Brand by Adopting Sustainable Packaging

Packaging and branding have gone hand in hand for years, traditionally purely for aesthetics and protective reasons. Today more than ever, industries have begun changing the way their products are packaged in order to coincide with the nation’s changing attitudes toward the environment. It’s no secret that there has been pressure on packaging manufacturers to reduce...
Video Digital Marketing
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Digital Marketing Campaign: Get the Most Out of Video

The biggest challenge for any brand looking to expand online is embracing the concept of digital marketing. For many businesses, video a brand new challenge and one that could cause difficulties if the best practices are not followed. That does not mean that you cannot be successful, though! In fact, digital marketing strategies have begun to make the...
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What Does Your Logo Say About Your Business?

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room." Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, says it all in this brilliant quote. The face of your brand is your logo, and a successful logo can propel your business to new heights by instilling confidence in your brand. It’s then your job...