Packaging Costs

How Your Business Can Save Money on Packaging Costs

B2B packaging is just as important as the merchandise inside, or the customer that receives the final goods. Packaging’s main role is to protect and contain what is inside of it, and investing in your packaging material (even if it means higher packaging costs) gives your business a trustworthy exterior.

Many businesses can save money by buying cardboard boxes in bulk. Approximately five billion cardboard boxes are used per year in the UK, which totals up to 83 boxes per person per year. Cardboard boxes have little environmental impact as most corrugated cardboard boxes today are made of recycled products, which are often cheaper than virgin alternatives.

What should small businesses look for when buying packaging? Is there more to packaging than sustainability and quality? Read on to find out more about how your business can save on industrial packaging.

What qualities should packaging have?

Firstly, think about how much packaging you need and the environment it will be exposed to. A good packaging supplier will advise you on your strategy and what supplies you will need.

When purchasing packaging, consider the following requirements:

  • Is it puncture resistant? Packaging should protect what is inside.
  • Is it robust enough to survive sustained loads and stacking?
  • Does it cushion the product? If your product is dropped, it should still be unharmed.
  • Can this packaging be sealed to prevent it from going damp?

Packaging Costs

Product packaging assessment

By analyzing your products, you will be able to assess what packaging it really needs. Buying cardboard boxes in bulk is great for big companies; however you could save your business money by using mail bags or smaller boxes.

Mail Lite padded bags provide easy postage for ecommerce or small businesses that want to save money on shipping. They are a practical solution and won’t cost your small business lots of cash.

Padded postage bags are also extremely tough, recyclable and can be used again by the receiver.

Also on Sustainable Packaging for Small Business

Buying in bulk

Unless your business is just finding its feet, always buy in bulk as this is guaranteed to save you money in the long run. From packing paper to a cardboard box supplier, choose one that will offer you a bulk discount. The supplier will appreciate your loyalty and will more than likely give you a quality percentage off.

Packaging Costs

Big box or little box?

Moving into bigger more industrial packaging, experts advise that there does not need to be more than two inches of unused space between the product and the package. If there is a lot of dead space in your packaging, try considering smaller boxes as this will not only reduce shipping costs but will cost you less on the size of boxes.

Get rid of unnecessary layering

Of course, you want your packages to arrive safely, without leaving a scratch on what’s inside, but filling packaging can be expensive. Use as little layering as possible to be cost effective.

B2B Industrial Packing recommends that you should try to reduce your filling material down to one. Whether that is foam or bubble wrap, the more packaging you use, the more it will add to your costs.

If your product needs extra protecting, why not try replacing one of the heavier layers with a few lighter ones?

Packaging Costs

Staff training

Make sure your staff is properly trained on how to use your packaging of choice. This will reduce waste and improve efficiency. Also, make sure that you are regularly maintaining tools and equipment for improved health and safety.

Maintaining tools and equipment

Be sure to implement a maintenance program that will help protect all of your packaging tools and equipment. Taking care of your equipment means that the longer it lasts, the longer you don’t need to fork over expenses for new equipment.

It may also be a good idea to create an inventory of the spare parts which can be used when you need them most.

What packing equipment does my business need?

Keep your packaging and workplace efficient with a packaging station. This will keep your business organized and will enable you to pack quicker and easier.

A warehouse packing station is sure to increase your productivity and the results will show in how your business is developing. If your packaging equipment accessories can be repaired, always choose this option over purchasing new equipment. Make sure you invest in good equipment the first time around.

Packing supplies

Packaging supplies can be expensive especially if they are being overused or wasted. Keep your business on track with efficient packaging.

After reading this article, you may think about the changes you could make to your packaging supplies. Remember, if you are looking for packaging supplies, speak to the supplier before you go ahead with the order – you may be able to get a bulk discount!

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