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Packaging Costs
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How Your Business Can Save Money on Packaging Costs

B2B packaging is just as important as the merchandise inside, or the customer that receives the final goods. Packaging’s main role is to protect and contain what is inside of it, and investing in your packaging material (even if it means higher packaging costs) gives your business a trustworthy exterior. Many businesses can save money...
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12 Quick Tips to Boost Website Sales in Minutes-Part 2

Last week, I shared with you six things you can do right now to improve your website - without spending a dime. Here are six more questions to ask yourself about your site: 7.  Is your message clear? To add clarity and credibility to your site, try to provide specific information whenever possible. This includes...
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Enough Doom and Gloom Already!

  For the last few weeks, it seems like there has been nothing but bad news. All of the radio and television reporters blast the latest unemployment stats, stock market dips and unrest in the world. It’s enough to turn you into a Scrooge this holiday season or make you cower in a corner with...
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Use PR to Boost Sales Fast

On Tuesday, I talked about how to use PR during tough times. Here are a few more tips to help you boost sales and awareness without spending money: Talk to your customers. How often do you reach out to your customers? If you are not already doing so, try to send out valuable information and tips daily...
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The federal stimulus package and your business

There as a lot of hoopla about how the Federal stimulus package would encourage spending by consumers, but it's also designed to positively impact small businesses as well. is a new site set up to help you understand just how. Included at the site are: A fact sheet that provides a clear explanation of the small business tax...