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Cyber Monday
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Cyber Monday Gives a Big Boost to Mobile Commerce

Here is an accurate prediction for a change: No matter how Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales turn out, one big winner of the Thanksgiving shopping extravaganza will be mobile commerce. Mobile sales grew almost 53 percent from 2014 to 2015 on Cyber Monday, earning $514 million of the $3.07 billion total revenue for the...
Entrepreneurial Spirit
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A Step-by-Step Guide to Get Some Entrepreneurial Spirit Into Your Life

By Lianne Taylor, Anglia Ruskin University When confronted by life, we are each bound within the scope and the limits of the perspectives we have adopted and nurtured over our lives. In times of uncertainty – and Britain’s current political and constitutional environment is a useful example – we might be tempted to play it safe,...
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6 Ways Stoicism Can Help Business Entrepreneurs

By Petrina Coventry, University of Adelaide With the increasing swirl of interest around mindfulness, resilience and innovation, we can’t forget that there are many who have trodden this path before us with important lessons we can borrow. Stoicism is the branch of ancient western philosophy that focuses on mindfulness, resilience, creativity and more, all of which...