10 Blog Ideas to Start Your Content Marketing

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Time to provide valuable information to boost sales.

You are ready to start your content marketing strategy with some great blogs.

You turn on computer, open Word, and get ready to write. Then, you wait.

The keyboard beckons for you to strike a key. Inspiration is calling.

But. Nothing. Happens. Your mind is a complete blank.

Ugh! It’s writer’s block. Now what?!

Don’t let this happen to you! Instead of wasting time staring at a blank monitor wondering what to write, have an editorial calendar and an action plan ready. To help you get started, here are…

10 Blog Ideas to Start Writing Now!

1. Review your Google Analytics.

What are your site visitors clicking on the most? Provide more content related to these same topics.

2. Look at your social-media conversations.

What are people viewing and commenting on the most? This is prime fodder for a blog topic that your site visitors will find interesting.

3. Read the news.

What is going on in the world that relates to your industry and target-market? Write your insights related to this information.

4. Sneak a peek at the competition.

What are your competitors writing about, and which topics are showing the most comments and feedback? This will give you some good ideas for relevant, blog subjects.

5. Focus on your experience.

What can you write about that is unique to your area of expertise and background? Provide your insights relevant to the benefits of a particular product or service that no one else can offer.

What is a hot topic related to celebrity events? Look at the tabloid magazines when you are at the grocery store. If there are certain topics gracing the covers, people must find these stories interesting. How can you tie these trendy topics in with your product-benefits and the things that your customers care about?

7. Tell a personal story.

Do you have an interesting story to tell that your audience members will find interesting? If so, go ahead and share it. Customers like to know about the human beings behind a business.

8. Share unique benefits.

What is unique about what you are selling, and how do these benefits help your customers? Provide solutions without being too “salesy.”

9. Educate your customers.

If you use special ingredients or processes in your business, let your target-market know. Write about what goes into making your products and services, and why it is different and beneficial.

10. Talk about your team members.

Who are the employees that customers work with on a regular basis? Provide insights and stories about (and from) your staff members. What do they do in their spare time? What is their experience? What tips do they have to share? Introduce your customers to your team members on a personal level. This provides a “behind-the-scenes” look at the people who run your business. This helps create a personal connection with customers and long-term-relationships that turn into sales.

Just a Few Blog Ideas for Your Content Marketing Strategy

While this list will help you get started writing your blogs, it just touches on the many subjects you can discuss. Be creative, and think about your current and potential customers. What do they care about? What topics will they want to share with others?

By providing unique and valuable information pertinent to the benefits your business offers, and about the people on your team, you can offer great blogs that your competitors can’t touch! And this means more word-of-mouth, customers and sales.

What are you going to write about today in your blog?

And if you need help with additional blog ideas and creating your content strategy, please contact me here.

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