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5 Technology Tips to Grow Your Small Business

All too often we see a business start up with a great plan, large amounts of support, and all of the motivation in the world, but then everything goes down the drain due to the business relying on outdated technology.

Technology tips to use to your advantage

In the recent years we have all seen technologies increase incredible amounts and at a rapid pace. However, not a lot of businesses are utilizing these technologies to their full potential, and in 2015 this can mean whether or not your business succeeds or fails. All too often we see a business start up with a great plan, large amounts of support, and all of the motivation in the world, but then everything goes down the drain due to the business relying on outdated technology. The term “technology” can mean just about anything these, because it is all around you and going away any time soon. This post will show you some ways to properly and use it to your advantage.


Communication is a key factor to your business, and there are a lot of ways to communicate with your customers and employees. It’s just a matter of what form of communication is going to be the most beneficial to your business. Some businesses rely on the use of conference calling services as their main form of communication. However, while conference calling can be incredibly useful to a company that has customers based in all areas throughout the world, this form of communication may not be the go to choice for a local business that does not have a wide area of customers; They may benefit most from accepting walk-in appointments or communicating through email. So take a look at your business and decide what form of communication is going to best benefit you and your customers equally.


Automation is an easy way to not only save time and money, but will also take the weight of managing your backline off of your shoulders. This type of technology can vary depending on the systems your business is using. For example, a restaurant can benefit extremely by implementing the use of CMMS technology, where they can manage a majority of their backlog processes with the click of a button. However, depending on your business even simply coding a computer program to track or file vital information can save you and your business a large amount of time. Overall, utilizing technology to automate processes within your business is a key factor in saving time and avoiding unnecessary spending.

Social Networking

Social networking is often overlooked by businesses although it can greatly increase profits and website traffic seemingly overnight. Using social networking services like Facebook and Twitter is an great way to get your name out into the community you are serving, and can also serve as great way for your customers to communicate with you. However, before you dive into getting online and posting, make sure you are doing it. You don’t want to just spam information about your company, that is going to be boring and you will more than likely not get a response from this. Be personable, have conversations, and make sure the content you are posting is both quality content and relevant to whom you are trying to get noticed by.

Sell Online

If you’re business provides any type of products or services, an easy tactic to increasing sales is to give your customers the option to purchase those products and services online. With the way things are going technologically, online stores, like Amazon, are growing exponentially with no sign of slowing down. Why? Well it’s easy. Setting up an online store for your business can be done quickly and easily, and doing so can help maximize sales and make your product available to individuals who may not have had that type of access before. Ultimately starting an online store for your business is a fantastic way to not only help your business, but also help your customers.


Sadly the time of fireproof safes and file cabinets has passed, but with the help of technology there are a lot of alternate solutions to keep data safe and secure. One of the easier ways of doing so is using online cloud storage services. Utilizing these types of technologies can help with keeping track of records and sorting data with little to no work. These services will increase the security of your companies information, because you will have options to set passwords to access it and you can limit who exactly can see this information.

Anyway, the focus of this post was to show you that working with modern technology will only help you and your business succeed. Feel free to leave a comment below to share your thoughts on this topic.

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