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The Beginner’s Guide: Cloud Storage Tips for Entrepreneurs

Small businesses and startups alike are increasingly moving to the cloud for data storage and work processes. But what exactly is this cloud that you've been hearing so much about? The "cloud" is just a metaphor for the internet and refers to anything web-based. Simply put, cloud storage is the storage of data online, so...
business services
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8 Business Services You May Be Paying for That You Can Get for Free

Looking to make some trims to your operational budget? Just getting started and need business solutions that won’t break the bank? There are a lot of bills that are unavoidable (utilities, suppliers, etc.) but today’s digital environment connects entrepreneurs with a variety of products that can help them run their business without adding to their...
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5 Best Practices for Startups With Virtual Teams

Running a remote startup has huge cost advantages over traditional, brick-and-mortar companies, but it also comes with a few downsides. For one, it can be challenging to get virtual teams on the same page if you are miles or continents away from each other. Without face-to-face interactions, you’ll have to contend with issues regarding collaboration,...
cash flow
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How Fintech is Helping Startups with Their Cash Flow

Have you ever considered how your inability to access cash when you need it is impacting the growth of your business? Even if your startup is profitable and performing well, just imagine what you could do if your cash could circulate faster. Far from just restricting growth, the failure to manage cash flow properly is...
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These 2018 Tech Trends Will Help Your Startup Thrive

Startups have the greatest opportunity to benefit from evolving technology. Already agile, new tech developments make these organizations more streamlined, effective and engaging, allowing them to increase profit and provide greater levels of service to customers and clients. “Technology can help small business owners leverage limited capital in smarter and more effective ways. In some...
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4 Cybersecurity Tips for Your Startup

Cybersecurity received plenty of press in 2017, but look for it to receive even more focus in the coming months. Now is the time to make any necessary changes in regard to how you’ll protect your business over the next year. Examining the present state of cybersecurity Cybersecurity wasn’t a strong point within the startup...
big data
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4 Ways Big Data Can Help Small Businesses Grow

Admit it: If you’re like many entrepreneurs, you’re likely still in the early stages of digital transformation. And you’re not alone. An SAP-sponsored survey of global small businesses found many of them aren’t quite as up-to-speed as larger companies when it comes to using big data in the workplace.  That may be because smaller businesses tend to...
Cloud backup and recovery
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6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Move to the Cloud

Security is a major concern for all small business owners, no matter the industry. While cybersecurity measures can (and should) be taken to ensure the safety of your business, unexpected occurrences such as natural disaster, fire or flood could threaten your business’ data at any given time. Cloud backup and recovery eliminates the stress that...
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Cloud Computing Affects Almost Every Business

Guides to help you understand how the "Cloud" can support your business Cloud helps support a new business in many ways, offering scalable work tools which are cost effective and easy to implement. It's also more secure and problem-free than older, locally-based alternatives. Most businesses will probably already have thought about the cloud, but there...
Technology Tips
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5 Technology Tips to Grow Your Small Business

Technology tips to use to your advantage In the recent years we have all seen technologies increase incredible amounts and at a rapid pace. However, not a lot of businesses are utilizing these technologies to their full potential, and in 2015 this can mean whether or not your business succeeds or fails. All too often...